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Account Name: Lightbox Media Pty Ltd
BSB: 633 000
Account Number: 14624 7226
Reference: Name and Wedding Date
Amount: $650.00

If paying by card please call 0418 990 361 to arrange payment (A 2.2% processing fee will apply).

Please Note: Your booking will be secured once we have received both the agreement and deposit payment of $650.00

A deposit of $650.00 is required upon booking.

A Second Instalment (amount to be advised) is required at least 2 to 3 weeks prior to the wedding day.

No Deposit Refund.

All Digital Files and Copyright remain the property of Lightbox Media Pty Ltd.

Terms and Conditions

CREATION OF THE PROJECT AND THE SPECIFICATIONS: The project is the project that is detailed in the agreement schedule as outlined above. The Client accepts the details, timelines, and fees in the Specifications by signing or clicking the box "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions." in this agreement. (b) The Studio agrees to create the project according to the Specifications. (c) The Studio will use its best efforts to produce the photography and/or video project to the highest possible production standards for the specified budget. PAYMENTS: Along with the completed booking agreement, a non-refundable booking fee of $650.00 must be paid to secure Lightbox Media's services for either videography or photography services, or both, if applicable. A second payment (which equals the final balance after the initial deposit has been paid minus $650.00) is paid at least 2-3 weeks before the event date. All extra orders are to be paid along with the second deposit. The balance is due and payable upon receipt of this order and delivery of goods or at the "proof" stage if you, the Client, request this. No completed work or proofs will be delivered to the Client without making the final payment. Although one party may be billed for the entire order, all parties to this agreement will remain liable for any outstanding amount due to Lightbox Media. No partial orders will be delivered until the total balance is paid. The final payment of this order will only be accepted by an electronic bank transfer, Eftpos, or credit card. All payments concerning this assignment prior to its commencement are non-refundable. ADDITIONAL COVERAGE TIME: Any additional coverage time required beyond the set package duration at the time of booking will incur a surcharge of $200.00 per hour, including GST. PARKING FEES: Where specific locations and venues (i.e., hotels, receptions, ceremony, and photography locations) have limited parking, a car space will be required for the videographer. If needed on the day, street parking fees will be added to the balance of this agreement. MEALS: A crew meal for each member of the videographer and assistant is to be provided. Alternatively, a 30-60 minute break will be required. REPRODUCTION OF PROJECT: Lightbox Media will not be held responsible for, and parties, friends, or relatives of this agreement shall not up-load parts or entire clips of any completed product without request first from the Studio. No commercial music or visual images (moving or still) provided on edited USB or links shall be used for self-promotion or up-loading to internet sites and/or social media sites without the written consent and approval of the Studio. The Studio retains the right to reproduce the project in any form for marketing, social media advertising, or other promotional uses. DELIVERY OF PROJECT: Subject to the provisions of this clause, The Studio will use all reasonable skill and effort to create the project. The Studio will use reasonable efforts to deliver the completed project no later than the date outlined in the Specifications. Failure to deliver by this date is not a breach of this agreement. The Client must provide all requested materials and instructions to The Studio in a timely manner. The Client acknowledges and agrees that any delay in the completion of the project due to actions or negligence of Client, transportation delays, illness, or circumstances outside the control of The Studio shall alter the delivery date. The Studio will make a reasonable effort to notify the Client of any delays to the estimated delivery date as soon as possible. The project will only be delivered if the Client has made the full payment. Original materials provided to The Studio by Client will be returned only upon full payment of the Fees by the Client to the last known address for Client. It is the Client's responsibility to keep their address details updated with The Studio. INDEMNITY AND RELEASE: Extreme professional care and diligence will be exercised in the performance of this assignment. No warranty is expressed or to be implied. Should mechanical failure, theft, accident, or other mishaps beyond our reasonable control occur, preventing fulfilment of the assignment, liability will be limited to the refund of monies paid towards the package by The Client. We do not guarantee the delivery of any specific requested video/photographs. The Client indemnifies and releases The Studio from any claims with respect to: (i) Loss or damage to any project related materials whilst in possession of The Studio or any third party; (ii) Loss or damage of the completed project incurred whilst the completed project is in storage awaiting collection by the Client; (iii) Loss or damage suffered as a result of The Studio terminating this Contract; (iv) The Studio's failure to complete the project due to events outside The Studio's control; (v) The Studio's failure to capture any key shots due to events outside The Studio's control; (vi) Delay or loss of shooting time due to events experienced by the Client; and (vii) Malfunction of HDD's and USB's of the original files or completed Project once they have been approved by the Client and delivered to the Client unless the Client notifies The Studio in writing of the malfunction within twenty-four (24) hours of collecting the same. (viii) Malfunction of Camera and Audio equipment and editing equipment. In the event the Studio is unable to provide its services due to fire, extreme weather, transportation issues, equipment failure, theft, damage, illness, injury, medical reasons, emergency, scheduling conflicts, or any other act outside the Studio's control, the Studio may, in its absolute discretion, Contract with a third-party contractor to provide the services. If a third-party contractor cannot offer the said services, then The Studio may elect to terminate the Contract. The Client will receive a full refund of any money paid under this Contract if the Contract is terminated in this manner. PROOFS: (a) VIDEO Proofs will be presented for the Client's approval at the completion of the video editing stage. If revisions are required, a request must be made when a client has reviewed the preview within five (5) business days. The Client is entitled to two hours of editing time as standard (no charge) for any needed changes to the edited film/s. (b) Revisions that are reasonable and within the original scope of the specifications will be completed without further Fees, up to two hours. Any other requested amendments to the specifications/video proofs shall incur additional fees. These additional fees will be billed at $110.00 per hour inc. GST and are payable upon completion of the project and before delivery of the project or if a 2nd video proof is being delivered. The project is considered completed when these edits are made based on the Client's revisions. (c) Revisions that are unreasonable or outside the scope of the Specifications will be quoted separately. Fees for these revisions must be paid upfront before final delivery. (d) Proofs may be provided to the Client in formats that differ from the final output, and it is not and should not be construed as an indicator of the quality of the completed project. The Client acknowledges that colours, quality, media type, or any other element presented in the proof to the Client may change upon final delivery and shall not constitute a breach or material deviation from the Specifications. (e) PHOTOGRAPHY proofs are provided as final edited images via The Studio's online gallery or another digital platform if The Client prefers. (f) Additional prints can be ordered via The Studio's online platform at an additional fee and are based on image size and per print. TRAVEL AND ACCOMMODATION FEES: Travel charge of $150.00 where the location of the project production is more than fifty (50) km from the Studio; accommodation fees may also apply depending on location.

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